Go Go Gourmet


Become the chef of your own restaurant




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Go Go Gourmet is a game that is similar to other titles like Cake Mania and Diner Dash that adds a new twist or two to make it stand out.

Ginger, the game's protagonist, inherits her grandfather's old restaurant and decides to renovate it and make it the most famous place around.

To do so she needs to learn, little by little, how to prepare new recipes while serving her demanding clientele. Naturally, as the level of the game advances, the meals become more difficult to make and the customers even more demanding, requiring you to perfect your reflexes, speed, and memory. Each time you gain a new level, you have the possibility to fix up your space with the money you've earned up to that point.

Since the game illustrates each food item with its name and a drawing, Go Go Gourmet could even be a good game to use if you're trying to practice your English, or working with English language learners.

You can play the demo version for a maximum of 60 minutes, after which you will be unable to reopen the application.

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